Eubanks History

First A Harness Shop in the 1880s

In the 1880s Lewis County residents relied on “Wood’s Harness Shop” for making harnesses for their horses, harness repairs, and buggy top and cushion work.

Mr. M. D. Woods

The pioneer shop, owned and operated by Mr. M. D. Woods, was located where the historic Centralia Fox Theatre building now stands.

When automobiles appeared on the scene, new tops, top repairs, side curtains, and cushions were made by the harness shop. As the pendulum of transportation swung higher to autos … so did the Harness Shop.

In 1919 Mr. R. L. Eubanks and Mr. B. M. Eubanks and their father purchased the business from their grandfather, Mr. Woods, and changed the name to “Eubanks’ Top Shop.” Mr. Carl Dickey joined the Eubanks firm in 1922, specializing in furniture upholstery. Harness work was eventually dropped, the equipment for such work was sold and the far-sighted operators dealt strictly in automotive and furniture repair service. A new building was erected in 1924 at the present location, 505 W. Main St.

The first metal work was done by the tin-smiths and repair spots on fender and car bodies were never smoothed for finish work. More cars on the road brought more metal repairs and soon Eubanks added a metal shop to meet the need.

Mr. Frank O. Garland

Glass replaced curtains and the firm kept in stride with glass replacement service.

In June 1933, Carl Dickey and Warren Dickey purchased Eubanks’ shop and operated the business until the first of 1958, at which time Frank Garland purchased Warren Dickey’s interest.

Through the years new services and equipment were added, the most recent being Building Glass and Aluminum materials. 

And, of course, today Eubanks is still specializing in pool, spa, and shower glass. And still serving all of your residential and commercial glass needs, too.

140+ Years of Service Excellence

The Garland Family

Today, Eubanks, Inc. is owned and operated by Mike, Judy, and Randy Garland.

In Memory: Frank Garland (1922-2018)

OBITUARY: Frank O. Garland

Historic Downtown Centralia